21st century design


We talked about the Panorama City project with Zuzana Cambelová, architect and interior designer.

A graduate from the Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava, Zuzana Cambelová is a member of the Chamber of Architects, and as the author of Marrol’s Hotel Interiors she was nominated for the Dušan Jurkovič prize in 2003. She is a successful designer, having worked on several luxury hotel projects such as Baltschug Kempinski Moscow Hotel, Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras on Štrbské Pleso, TulipHouse Bratislava, and Kempinski Hotel River Park in Bratislava.

The exterior and architecture of each project is closely related to its interiors. It is also in the case of Panorama City, where architecture plays with exceptional and modern shapes. Where did you come from and what inspired you while designing its interiors?

It is absolutely perfect when the architecture of a building is in accordance with the interior, and when they interlink and coincide. Such is the case of Panorama City, where the architecture is modern, clean and timeless; with large windows and glazed surfaces. Especially this gave us directions while creating the concept of sample apartment interiors. It is very contemporary and simple, using only light wood and bright tiles. Wallpapers are dark in some areas of sample flats, in order to present that even smaller places can be interesting, coloured with textile wallpaper. Our customers, however, may feel free in their apartments to use only bright colours, and this will further underline the lightness of these apartments.

Panorama City – exceptional apartments of triangular floor plans. How to then arrange non-traditional spaces in an interesting way?

In apartments, mostly triangular are the living rooms - and these don’t need too much storage space. So while creating sample apartment interiors, we placed less furniture in living rooms, so that the airy space and especially exclusive panoramic vistas could be highlighted. Therefore, we recommend using storage spaces in other rooms, where there is no problem to place, for instance, a wardrobe. In this way these unconventional layouts will stand out.

Could you advise potential customers on how to make their new apartment even more refreshing, lively and stylish? Accessories, colours and details – how can these enhance the interior?

From my standpoint, it is essential not to clutter an apartment with furniture, but rather use mostly colours and light to shape a nice atmosphere. Also, it is important to keep space airy, light and easy through playing with colourful, dark and scenic details. One of the most significant parts is the lighting. I think the concept of a ceiling light fixture in the middle of rooms is not a dogma anymore. It is recommended to contribute to the atmosphere with

solitary lamps, indirect lighting, which is part of the furniture, and accent lighting to lighten specific places and decorations to make them stand out.