Special price offer for the next 70 apartments!


Since 1st March, when the sale started, more than 100 of the apartments in Panorama City have found their owner. The sale of apartments at presale prices has now ended. However, since we want to keep you interested, we decided to offer the next seventy apartments at special prices. Even though these prices will be a bit higher than the presale prices, they are still lower than the end prices of apartments.

Two room apartments will still be available of purchase at the price below 100,000 EUR inclusive of VAT, standard amenities and a cellar. The prices of three room apartments start at 138,000 EUR including VAT.

The great part of the apartments still is unique benefits, e.i. instalment interest rate 2,5% p.a. and bonus of additional 1%, a whole season ski pass to the best Slovak ski resorts and an admission to GOLEM CLUB Tower 115.

Located on Pribinova ulica 19 in Bratislava next to Eurovea Galleria, Panorama City Showroom is open for you 7 days a week, so that you can check out furnished sample apartments with a true simulation of views of Bratislva.